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Using our network we connect you with the right partner to make your plan a reality.

Meet Steven

Steven Dow is the creative mind behind relas.io and he's available to work directly with you!

After studying Business Management Technologies, Steven went on to spend 10 years in the Delaware financial services industry fulfilling his passion for seeing his neighbors succeed. Having taken his own journey to credit improvement he understands that every situation is different and that people are more than their credit score.

When not elbow deep in consulting work, Steven also volunteers at local community theaters as a director and actor. If you’ve been to local theaters, you might have spotted him under the stage lights playing anything from a doctor to a big green ogre.

Steven Dow is invested in this community and is committed to helping build better lives -- one person at a time.

Meet Veronica

Veronica is an educator who has spent the last six years pouring into the minds of middle and high school students. She has a Bachelors in English and a Master’s in Secondary Education from Wilmington University. Veronica discovered her love of budgeting in 2012 when newly married and living on her own for the first time. In the past eight years, her ability to communicate and decipher the world of credit and finance has grown exponentially. When Veronica is not working, you can find her on the beach, painting, or completing a puzzle. Also, the best way to connect on a personal level is to tell her your favorite book - as a former English teacher, she can talk books for hours!

Meet Grant

Grant Tyler is a former personal banker who has spent the better part of the last two years helping clients see their financial goals of owning a home or a brand new car come to reality. However, after working with Steven in the financial world he learned that he could fulfill his dream of helping people much more effectively by helping repair their credit.  This love of helping people reach their goals is what inspired Grant to work with Steven! In his spare time he loves sports, especially basketball and Formula 1. He also enjoys going out to the movies, playing video games and occasionally a good book.

Meet Nicholas

Nicholas Rossi started out as a farmhand back in high school which taught him the value of hard work. His next life experiences involved over 6 years of working in the customer service field and he learned the value of saving customers time and money. He loves being able to communicate with clients on a personal level and is excited to take on the challenge of your credit for you! A fun fact is Nick previously earned part of his living being an online entertainer in the gaming industry. He still enjoys video games and the community that they build to this day. Other passions of his include the arts like theatre, poetry, writing, painting and drawing. Most days after work you can find him hanging out with his cat, Morty.

"He was always on top of our financial picture and very knowledgeable regarding financial opportunities for our organization."

Georgetown, DE

"Steven is able to coordinate different departments and personalities with a very effective end result."

Lewes, DE

"I am so grateful to...Steven Dow for his due diligence, and for his going above and beyond what I would normally expect."


Long Neck, DE

"Steven represents the epitome of a leader and a team player. He brings so much to the table with amazing ideas and consistent motivation."

Ocean View, DE